About Us


SSM Industries Inc. manufactures flame resistant, cut resistant, and thermal fabrics. Founded in 1982 by Bill Hilleary, the first SSM product was a Nomex® simplex knit for military flight gloves. This fabric is still produced today, protecting our pilots and tank crews at home and abroad. 

Since those early days, SSM has continually added to its technologies to reach many different markets in various industries.
Located in Spring City, Tennessee, SSM Industries is a full service safety and protective fabric manufacturer. SSM’s Knitting, Weaving, Dyeing, and Finishing services all take place under one roof. We also have in-house Yarn Spinning capabilities to support our fabric production. Research & Development (R&D) is also part of SSM’s services offered to our customers to assist in designing the next “new & improved”  fabric.  In addition, to ensure continuous fabric quality SSM maintains an In-House Military Certified testing lab.
Everything SSM Industries produces protects somebody or something. However, SSM products and services are market driven... not product driven. One type of fabric cannot fill the protective need of every circumstance. That's why we don't sell a single product and try to make it fit every situation. We can start with inherently flame resistant (FR) fibers and craft them into a multitude of constructions. Non-FR fibers like cotton are also constructed and treated to make them permanently flame resistant like Pro-CFR®. Chances are... if you have a protective fabric need, SSM products and services are the solution.